Network and Communications


Connect your automation products to your enterprise safely and securely with ease!

Network and Communications from field to ERP

To explain, industrial network and communications allow continual access to real-time data regardless of plant size and also applications. Therefore, as data is imperative for both safe and productive plant operations, network and communications play an invaluable and also vital role in process automation.

At Triple i, our team offers network and communications solutions to connect automation products and also integrate operations. Whether wired or wireless, we can help you select the best network architecture and also provide you with design, installation, and also commission services.

Our team has access to various devices, communication interfaces, physical media, and also connecting products to help you get the most out of your control system. In doing so, we ensure data is both easily accessible and securely transferred between devices and networks.

Most importantly, we are your skilled communications partner in helping ensure that your network and communications are thoughtfully designed and, in particular, future-proof to ensure long-term business sustainability. Our technical knowledge and experience combined enable us to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions that deliver beyond expectations.

In addition, our team support a range of industrial communication networking systems from various quality and reputable vendors. For instance, our team can work on DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus/Net, Ethernet/IP, and also Modbus-based systems. However, if you have a system not listed, contact our sales team to see if we can still help.



  • Chassis-based Communication Modules
  • DeviceNet Network
  • EtherNet and IP Network
  • Gateway and Linking Devices
  • IO-Link Technology
  • Fibre Network
  • Other Industrial Networks
  • and, Process Instrumentation Networks



  • Gateways and Routers
  • and, Cellular Remote Terminal Units (RTUs)



  • Protocol Converters
  • Media Converters
  • and, Serial Converters



  • I/O Wiring and Conversion Systems
  • Cord Sets and Field Attachable
  • Network Media
  • Power Media
  • Safety Connection Systems
  • and, Terminal Blocks