Our Commitment

Health & Safety, Environment & Quality

At Triple i, our commitment is to the health and safety of our employees, customers, community, and the environment, while delivering quality services that meet or exceed our client’s expectations.

Triple i Pty Ltd is accredited with ISO9001 for quality management systems as well as ISO 45001 for work health and safety management systems.

Quality ISO 9001
Quality ISO 45001

Our Commitment

– Health & Safety 

Safety is our priority in everything we do. It’s integrated into our systems and processes and guides how we conduct ourselves.

While working at customer facilities, we follow strict safety procedures along with customer and site-specific safety requirements.

As such, our comprehensive WHS program trains, reinforces and recognises safe behaviour.

Safety Professionals

Professionals with industry and legislative knowledge lead programs and procedures.

Safety training

In-house and external training is provided. Skill assessments are regularly conducted for lockout-tagout, confined space, forklifts, fall protection and more.

prestart & toolbox schedule

Comprehensive prestart and toolbox schedule with daily and weekly meetings to help reinforce safe behaviours.

Site visits

Regular visits on-site by division and / or project managers to ensure safe behaviours and a safe working environment.


Senior technicians and managers provide coaching and guidance for younger or newer employees. A graduate program establishes a network of learning from individuals and teams, from all divisions and levels of management.

Support & occupational health

We offer support programs for employees, including an independent counselling service covering areas such as bereavement, divorce, and alcohol abuse. We work with our employees to accommodate flexible working where possible.

WHS policies & procedures

Policies and procedures established to address existing and new hazards.


We have established a comprehensive COVID-19 plan and implemented procedures to ensure everyone’s safety while we work in the new COVID working environment.

Our commitment - environment

Our Commitment –



Triple i is committed to environmentally sustainable business practices while still meeting our clients’ needs.

We actively monitor the use of resources across operations, to maximise efficiency and effectiveness, with the goal of minimising our impact on the environment.

As well as our own, we aim to help our clients in reducing their impact on the environment. In doing so, we seek innovations and renewable resources when designing projects and sourcing products for clients.


Our Commitment – Quality

Triple i is committed to delivering the quality services and products our clients have grown to expect from us.

We seek opportunities for continued improvement in our processes through an established quality policy that supports the strategic direction of the company.