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Energy & Infrastructure Industry - Triple i
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Optimise operations with energy solutions now & also in the future! 

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Most importantly, we have the expertise and experience across the industry to provide energy solutions now and also in the future. For instance, we have solutions for coal-fired and natural gas-fired stations, hydroelectricity plants, diesel generator packages, and also renewable resources, such as solar and wind energy. Furthermore, we understand the growing need for reliable, affordable, and also sustainable supply.

In short, our team has experience working with customers to deliver automation and control solutions and, as such, assisting high-energy consumers and also grid operators to achieve reliable and, in particular, cost-efficient energy supply. Most significantly, with the latest technologies combined with proven strategies, we optimise energy assets and, as such, give clients control of both energy needs and costs.

Triple i, your Solutions Partner

Overall, we provide energy and infrastructure operations with fit-for-purpose automation and control solutions. In doing so, we investigate each project and also devise solutions best suited to resolve issues or meet specific requirements. Also, our customer-centric approach means you have a dedicated project manager responsible for inter-company communication and also outcome delivery.

In short, our solutions help you to streamline processes, gain greater control, improve outputs, and also reduce risks. As a result, benefits include:

Integrated Solutions Jigsaw

Integrate Solutions

Overall, streamline processes, minimise contractors and also expenses with our Integrated Solutions for your process automation and control needs.

Reduce Costs

Notably, saving time on tasks reduces your costs, particularly during breakdowns and also implementing manual tasks.

Safeguard Quality

In short, maintain high standards of outputs with implemented control and also measurement procedures along with ongoing monitoring throughout the processes of the project.

Streamline Staff Training

In summary, we provide training and support for systems, equipment, and also processes. Additionally, we also streamline existing systems with innovative tools and technology that use both interactive photography and virtual environments.

Improve Safety & Risk Management

Always be assured your staff works safely and is also in compliance with current legislation. As such, minimse risk of harm by reducing hazards and also danger exposure.

Optimise Production & Maximise Output

In short, focus on improving production and also outputs. Save time and maximise performance with the right equipment, predictive maintenance schedules, and also support.

Reduce Downtime

Access to more information and also predictive maintenance activities means your operations are more reliable and as such reduce breakdowns.

Deliver Industry Expertise

From coal and natural gas-fired power stations to hydroelectricity, our team has the knowledge and also skill to ensure our solutions suit your operations regardless of either materials or risks.

24/7 breakdown Support

Most importantly, our team can provide onsite and remote support depending on the type of breakdown or fault. Also, with more IIoT technologies, remote fault resolution has led to quicker troubleshooting, shorter downtime, and also overall reduced costs.

Improve Asset Management

Overall, using our in-house asset management tool AIMS, our team is armed with the data and information needed to keep track of assets while also optimising performance.


Most importantly, we understand the importance and impact of Energy and Infrastructure on the community, including both individuals and businesses. As mentioned, our expertise in automation and control systems, processes, equipment, and also assets means you are delivered fit-for-purpose solutions.

Furthermore, with the digital transformation of sectors, including Energy and Infrastructure, we have improved processes in new ways. As such, we help increase production, reduce costs, and also maximise plant lifespans. In addition, we deliver physical infrastructure improvements and exceptional monitoring systems and also safeguard teams from hazards. As a result, overall our solutions offer an advantage.

To summarise, our Energy and Infrastructure capabilities include, but are not limited to:

Power Generation Segments

Including, but not limited to:

  • Industrial power supply
  • Microgrids and off-grid energy
  • Stand-alone power systems
  • and, Power plants and utility substations

Power Generation Processes

Including, but not limited to:

  • Conveying
  • Multifuel reciprocating engines
  • Burner management
  • Gas-fired and Coal-fired
  • Hydroelectric and industrial steam
  • Geothermal
  • Biomass renewable and waste energy
  • and, Wind and solar

ENERGY Solutions

Including, but not limited to:

  • Automation and optimisation
  • Transmission and distribution
  • Turbine control
  • Digital and smart grid
  • Multiple energy sources
  • Solar and battery control system integration
  • Flexible and scalable systems
  • and, Storage and load management

Automation & Control

Most importantly, we deliver fit-for-purpose solutions including:

  • Automation and process control engineering to enhance the safety, efficiency, and also quality of operations
  • Design, manufacturing, and installation of PLC, HMI, SCADA, DCS, and also RTU solutions
  • Control system upgrades and migrations
  • Industrial communication networks design and installation, also including wireless
  • Asset visualisation and optimisation using the ARDI system
  • Electrical design, manufacturing, and installation, including variable speed drives
  • and, Mechanical fabrication and construction


Our sales team helps specify, supply, and deliver process instrumentation for various applications, including flow, level, pressure, temperature, and analysis. As such solutions include:

  • Control system hardware, instrumentation, sensors, and actuators
  • Both hardware and software
  • IIOT solutions
  • Pre-engineered and configured equipment
  • and, also value-added packages

Safety Management


  • Hazardous area design and engineering including Electrical Equipment Hazardous Area (EEHA) checks and compliance audits
  • Machine safety control system design, build, and installation
  • Functional safety assessments and compliance audits
  • Safety Integrity Level assessments to IEC61508/61511, Control Systems Hazard and Operability (including HAZOP and CHAZOP) studies
  • Safety Instrumented System lifecycle
  • and, Material handling control and storage facility systems

Project Management


  • Complete project lifecycle benefits and support for new and existing projects
  • Process improvement consultation and reviews
  • Upgrades and shutdown management
  • Sustainability reviews and audits
  • Resource monitoring and waste reduction
  • Cost reduction and margin management
  • and, Quality assurance and management including product traceability and quality tracking systems

Service & Support


  • On-call service and support
  • Onsite and remote support
  • Inhouse Asset Information Management System (AIMS)
  • Preventative routine maintenance programs
  • and, instrument calibration and management