Operational Performance (OP)

Optimise Production Performance

Improve Quality

Increase Efficiency 

Decrease Maintenance Costs

Achieve Operational Integrity

Triple i is using innovative proven technologies to deliver heightened Operational Performance to industry.

Offering fully integrated, interoperable, and scalable Industry 4.0 solutions architected from the Sensor and Controls Systems layer, these include Operational Technology Data management, Middleware, Process Management, and Artificial Intelligence.  We help you achieve operational insight through a roadmap of hardware, software, services, and operations excellence to safeguard the future and deliver important business outcomes.

We have provided more detail below on some of these technologies and tools, however, contact us for a more comprehensive understanding of how we can assist you with your needs.



A software suite transforming existing data into valuable knowledge, with specific features designed for the operational and production level environments.



Find out just how having real-time process insights will enhance business and operational performance.


Process Digital Twins

Our Process Digital Twins enhance the understanding of data and delivery of knowledge to all stakeholders!



Improve your asset performance, lower your risks and deliver consistent results!



Unlock unprecedented productivity and innovation by embracing the power of digital transformation today!

The Benefits of Finding Opportunities to Apply Automation in Operations 

Automation in operations brings countless benefits to businesses. Firstly, efficiency is significantly enhanced as repetitive tasks can be managed by machines, freeing up human resources for more complex and strategic activities. This not only accelerates processes but also reduces errors, leading to improved overall accuracy and efficiency.

How AI Can Benefit Operations and Production

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has started to emerge as a transformative force in most industries,
revolutionising operations, and production processes. Its integration into businesses brings about
countless benefits that enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance.

Maximising Organisational Value through Digital Transformation and Optimisation

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, digital transformation and optimisation have become imperative for organisations seeking to stay competitive and relevant. However, the process of implementing these changes can often be daunting, requiring careful planning, strategic execution, and a clear understanding of how to extract maximum value. In this article, we will explore how organisations can effectively leverage digital transformation and optimisation to drive organisational value.

Questioning the Imperative: How Do We Get Better Productivity Improvement Outcomes?

In the ever-evolving domain of industry, the continuing pursuit of efficiency, speed, and agility is the norm. Industrial operations and processes are consistently challenged to optimise resources, reduce downtime, improve equipment effectiveness, and boost productivity. To meet these challenges, we must scrutinise the imperative of achieving better outcomes.

Operational Intelligence: Delivering a Competitive Advantage

There is a basic business principle that says if you do the same as you have been doing, you should expect the same results. So, the challenge is what do you need to change to deliver improved production outcomes?

Using AI to provide Real-Time Process Intelligence in Manufacturing Processes

Real-time Process Intelligence, employing advanced analytics and AI, emerges as a game-changer, revolutionising how industries optimise operations through strategic advancements.

Industry 4.0: Pillars of Technology that Deliver Productivity Improvement in Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 embraces the use of modern technology in industrial applications to improve production. The Forbes reports (#1) have confirmed that 88% of manufacturers anticipate Industry 4.0 technologies will deliver