Process Digital Twins


What is a digital Twin? 

A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process that spans its lifecycle.  It is updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help decision-making. There are three distinct parts for a digital twin system: the physical product, the digital/virtual product, and the connections between the two. 

A digital twin improves physical model simulation, used extensively in engineering applications. In an automation and control context it is used for monitoring, diagnostics, and prognostics to optimise asset performance and utilisation. Sensory data, combined with historical data, human expertise, simulation learning improve prognostics, helping to find the cause of issues and improve productivity.  

Triple i & Your Digital Twin Journey


Triple i uses digital twin processes as part of its delivery of its business improvement initiatives. The use of a digital twin simplifies processes and generates improved outcomes.   

Our expertise is focused with real-time processes directly associate with producing ‘a product’ generally called the plant floor. Applications include operations in mining, manufacturing, and infrastructure services.  

We can also assist with visualisation and analysis of live data from other areas including inventory optimisation, logistics, predictive maintenance, and application modelling.  

Our services in digital twin processes can provide several benefits to your operations, including:

Optimise Production Performance

Through monitoring, analysis, visualisation, and cognitive actions we can provide efficiencies in processes and maximise outcomes. 

Enhance Quality

Our services and solutions are fit-for-purpose, meaning they suit your actual needs and deliver outcomes specific to your operations, i.e. improved quality.

Increase Efficiency & Waste Reduction

Identification, control improvements and KPI reporting are used to improve efficiencies in production and reduce waste.  

Decrease Maintenance Costs

We undertake preventative maintenance and breakdown tasks to decrease maintenance costs and improve profitability.     

Develop High Operational Integrity

We provide reliability through in-depth analysis of operations, training simulations and strict compliance, resulting in high operational integrity.  


The Digital Twin Journey

Enabling technologies for real-time business improvements


At Triple i, key considerations we employ to ensure your plant is best optimised by digital twin processes include:


Objectives may be the improvement of targets, rectification of existing issues, sought outcomes.

Values and metrics 

The value of the objectives is formulated. Categories may be efficiency, or production output and reduced downtime.



The plan for achieving the objectives is prepared including tools and resources are assessed for suitability.

Data access

Live and historical information is needed. Raw data often needs to be converted to information using calculations and simpler analytics.

Digital twin format

The twin may include visualisations, simulations, machine learning, and artificial intelligence as required.


Outcomes will be further improved as Analytics become more sophisticated. Iterations from outputs improve optimisation.

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