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Systems Engineering - Triple i
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Overall, our Engineering and Technology team deliver fit-for-purpose control systems engineering solutions combined with world-class service. In doing so, we use a wide variety of automation technology, in particular programmable logic controller (PLC), human machine interface (HMI) and SCADA platforms.

Most importantly, our solutions are customised and therefore deliver the desired outcomes per project requirements and needs. Furthermore, regardless of your existing equipment and instruments we adapt and integrate solutions to ensure processes are providing the functionality and flexibility required.

To achieve this, our control systems engineering solutions include extensive software planning and testing so that our systems are delivered to site ready for commissioning and testing.

In summary, as a reliable control system partner our services include but are not limited to:

  • Control Systems Design
  • Industrial Network Design
  • Functional Safety
  • Software Development including PLC, HMI and DCS
  • Platform Upgrades including PLC and HMI
  • SCADA and Radio Telemetry Systems
  • Network Components and Field Devices Configuration
  • Data Collation and Project Documentation Management
  • Integration and Factory Acceptance Testing
  • Testing and Commissioning
  • Performance Optimisation and Testing
  • Continuing Site and Remote Support
  • and also, Error Diagnosis and Troubleshooting
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Systems Integrators

Triple I is a recognised systems integrator for Optrix and Rockwell Automation control systems products. In fact, we partner with the best to ensure you have the right products and also expertise. As such, we have a broad range of supplier partners and a large network to satisfy a diverse range of industries regardless of their needs and requirements.

Our engineers have extensive design and programming experience in regards to different industrial software and also hardware platforms. In summary, this includes:

  • Optrix; ARDI including ARDI-AR, ARDI-360 and ARDI VE.
  • Rockwell Automation including ControlLogix, FactoryTalk View, Plant Pax Distributed Control System, E3 Plus and RSLogix500.
  • Yokogawa including Centum VP, CS3000 and uXL.
  • Schneider Electric including Modicon, Citect, Unity, Wonderware, EcoStruxure and AVEVA.
  • PILZ including PAS, PSEN, PNOS, PVIS, PSS and zenon.
  • Siemens including Simatic S7, Step 7 and Simocode.
  • Weidmuller including u-create ResMa and Eco Explorer Go.
  • and, Red Lion including Crimson, EDICT-97, OPCWorx, RLCPro, DeviceNet EDS Files and Profibus GSD Files.
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Overall, our control systems engineering solutions provide a strategic method to improving your operations productivity while also enhancing best practices. As such, our services have proven to optimise controls as well as reduce human errors especially those that have the potential for significant safety, operational, environmental and, in particular, financial impact.

In brief, our control systems engineering solutions provide several benefits in regards to operations, including:

Optimise performance

Overall, automating processes and eliminating redundant manual controls is the first step in optimising performance. Consequently, this will also reduce associated labor costs and human errors.

REDUCE downtime

In general, reduce downtime with easier and faster error diagnosis. As a result, this will enable all staff, such as engineering, operational and maintenance, to make informed decisions and also act sooner.



Most importantly, all control systems are fit-for-purpose. In other words, they are customised to your processes and needs. As a result, outcomes and resources are optimised.

Simplify training

In general, with information central you can streamline training and reduce reliance on informal channels and staff for information, including history and instructions. Also, due to simplified processes onboarding is easier and quicker.

Safety & Compliance

Most importantly, be assured your staff work safely and that your operations are also in compliance with company and legislative standards. In effect, reducing risks and associated costs.

Minimise threat of exposure

Overall, our systems allow for greater control and also helps minimise the threat of exposure that is created, in particularly when there is a fault or breakdown. This results in a safer environment due to less risks.

Workplace Safety

In short, greater understandings of work environments and operational processes in effect gives an advantage in improving overall workplace safety and reducing risks.

Protect Assets

In general, predictive maintenance measures can be initiated by pre-programed alerts which indicate errors or issues. Notably, this has proven to increase asset lifecycles and in effect also their use.


Inform Staff

In short, having access to vital information from dashboards or control platforms, will ensure you and other staff are better informed. Accordingly, better decisions will be made while improving both staff and operational performance.

Reduce Costs

In short, improved outcomes such as optimised performance and reduced downtime, in effect aids in the overall reduction of costs. In other words, it improves the bottom-line.