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Service & Support - Triple i
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Service & Support

… your reliable maintenance & operational support partner!

Need a reliable Service & Support partner?

Our Service and Support team has proven strategies to reduce equipment and plant downtime, minimising subsequent output and financial losses.

In short, we ensure your plant, equipment, and assets are at peak performance. In doing so, we provide services such as day-to-day maintenance, breakdown support, upgrades, instrument calibrations, and more.

Our highly responsive team delivers lifecycle management solutions, saving you time and money. In other words, we look after your plant, so you don’t have!

Solution Services

Delivering service & support you can rely on!


Preventive Routine Maintenance

Overall, our service and support team provides end-to-end preventative maintenance solutions that ensure your plant operates efficiently and effectively. As such, we devise comprehensive service action plans and schedules to ensure your plant and equipment have daily maintenance, routine inspections, and reporting.


Calibrations & Instrument Management

Our knowledge of industry applications is extensive, with calibration services available for various devices and instruments. As such, we offer a wide range of services for the entire lifecycle of calibration equipment and systems. In doing so, we offer high-quality and cost-effective calibration and repair services.

To summarise, calibrations & instrument management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Electrical equipment and electronics
  • Pressure equipment
  • Temperature
  • Vacuum gauge
  • and, also process instruments including inspection and testing

Notably, you can rely on us for a fast turnaround on certificates and reports. In doing so, we ensure:

  • NATA traceability for all test equipment is available by request.
  • Calibration reports suit compliance with regulations such as ISO 10012:2003 and National standards such as ISO17025:2017.
  • Calibration records and maintenance schedules are available.

Development of Standard Operating Procedures

Importantly, we understand the importance of keeping your equipment up-to-date, functional, and in regulatory compliance. As such, we can work with you to devise your standard operating procedures (SOPs). Such SOPs ensure your equipment and instrumentation calibration follows both company processes and legal standards.


Upgrades & Shutdown Management

In short, our team provides both upgrade and shutdown services and support. In doing so, we ensure your operations are never interrupted longer than necessary. 

Plant Upgrades (Brownfield)

Notably, over time your plants’ equipment may become inefficient due to prolonged wear and tear. Our solutions utilise the latest technologies to ensure your plants’ optimum performance. As such, we offer various upgrade services including, but not limited to:

  • Control system migrations
  • Software and computer hardware upgrades
  • Plant equipment upgrades
  • and, also System integrations
Plant Shutdowns

Shutdowns are a vital aspect of maintenance and are imperative for equipment that operates all day to ensure long-term effective performance. As such, we offer extensive pre-shutdown inspections and planning as part of our overall shutdown management strategy. Our approach addresses all consideration and consequently reduces the risks of breakdowns. 


Standards Compliance Support

To summarise, standard compliance is essential to ensure products, services, and systems are safe, reliable and consistently performing as intended. Most importantly, our team can ensure your operations follow standards, including regional, national, and international.


    Process improvement & Reviews

    Process improvement

    Using innovative technology and new procedures, we aid in overall process improvement. Whether to maximise output or minimise operational costs, objectives are matched with strategies. In doing so, we identify and implement more efficient ways of operating and improving processes. 

    Sustainability reviews

    Our Service and Support team review your operation’s environmental impact and identify sustainability risks and opportunities. In doing so, they devise and develop a customised sustainability strategy.

    Such strategies improve efficiencies by adopting innovations and resources. Not only are environmental footprints reduced, but they also improve the bottom line. 

    Our reviews include, but are not limited to:

    • Criticality issues
    • Risk analysis
    • Sustainability opportunities
    • Lifecycle costs
    • and, also Installed Base Audits (IBA)

    24/7/365 Breakdown Support

    Most importantly, we understand that breakdowns need immediate action to have your plant or equipment operating again. Regardless of the time or day, our Service and Support team is readily available to get you back on track.

    Onsite and Remote Support

    Notably, our team provides onsite and remote support, depending on the type of breakdown or fault. IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) technologies enable us to provide remote fault resolution. As a result, we have quicker troubleshooting techniques, shorter downtime, and reduced costs.


    Service Agreements & Customised Solutions

    Due to the ongoing necessity of plant and equipment maintenance and repairs, we offer personalised service agreements. In doing so, our service agreements outline the level of service, the relevant agreed inclusions, and the scheduled maintenance specific to your plant or equipment. To summarise, we ensure there are no surprises and take the guesswork out of costs while maintaining a level of service consistent with your needs.

    Service & Support News

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