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Engineering from concept to implementation, automation and process control, DCS and PLC programming, SCADA systems, EEHA compliance, project management, and more.

Electrical Construction

Electrical design (LV and ELV), construction and commissioning of electrical installations, panel manufacturing and testing, instrument installation, sample lines and SS tubing installation, and more.

Mechanical Construction

Mechanical design, welding, fitting and rigging, construction of customised components or your complete packaged plant, repair and refurbishment, and more.

Service & Support

Ongoing operational support, maintenance, inspections and reporting including compliance, plant upgrades/shutdowns, calibration/instrument management,  process improvement and more.

Sales Solutions

From replacement products to complete customised processes and equipment, our dedicated team is able to provide the best ‘whole of life’ sales solutions to meet your specific needs.

Project Services

Project Services by the people who know

What are our integrated solutions?

Five Divisions. One Mission.


Our specialty divisions, including Engineering, Electrical construction, Mechanical Construction, Service and Support, and Sales Solutions, combine to create our integrated solutions.

Whether your project requires a specific service or several, we deliver lifecycle management services required to ensure you are a success.

Our technical expertise throughout each department extensively covers applications across industries, providing assurance we can satisfy your automation and control needs.



Innovative solutions for an evolving market

We are a technology-agnostic engineering company and system integrator – no ‘one size fits all.’ That means we can deliver high quality process engineering services with your preferred software or tools.

Our engineering solutions focus on automation and control, electrical design, process improvement, industry networks, data analytics, visualisation, industrial internet of things (IIoT) applications, and other Industry 4.0 applications.

Whether it is laser scans and point cloud data or computer-aided design (CAD) applications and process simulation programs, the technology serves a purpose.



LV electrical distribution design

Automation control systems wiring design

Panel and MCC panel design

Field controls selection

Hazardous area

Functional Safety



Automation control systems selection

Functional definitions and specifications

PLC configuration and programming

DCS configuration and programming

Data storage such as historians

Acceptance testing

System validation

System and operator training

Shutdown/changeover management



Industry 4.0 solutions

OT/IT convergence

Real-time business improvements

Digital twinning

Report analytics

Artificial Intelligence



One provider, two specialties

We offer services in both mechanical and electrical construction separately, and combined along with other civil engineering and construction capabilities, for more effective project outcomes.

Through reducing costs, streamlining processes and the convenience of having one contractor instead of multiple, our combined mechanical and electrical construction solutions add value to and support external mechanical and civil design. This is an ideal for civil construction-based projects.

Our long-term relationships within the civil and mechanical sector confirms that our services are reliable and effective, and as such, we are a contractor of choice within the industry.



Lifecycle management solutions

Whether it is routine maintenance, breakdowns, upgrades, shutdowns, instrument calibrations, compliance checks and reviews, or process improvements, we have the service and support solutions to satisfy your needs.

Our asset information management system (AIMS) provides our team with the tools to ensure the efficient operation of daily and recurring asset management activities.

AIMS schedules routine maintenance, inspections, and reporting. AIMS helps us to reduce the occurrence of breakdowns and any negative financial impact on your operations.

AIMS arms our technician with a vital augmented reality (AR) application, which allows for off-site support and troubleshooting.

With access to work procedures, reference documentation, manuals, and relevant media in one spot, we have important information readily available.

From check sheets to calibrations, live data is instantly accessible, providing assurance that your assets, plant, and equipment are functioning accurately each day.




Buy a solution, not a product

With a focus on customer needs instead of product objectives, our Sales Solutions team provides a single source for hardware sales, including sensors, automation products, analysers, pre-engineered applications, and more.

We select and supply working solutions, whether instrumentation, processes, or complete set-ups that is fit for purpose and sustainable long term.

We have a range of alternative brands and products to suit any budget.

Our Capabilities

You can depend on Triple ’s, team, equipment, and technologies to satisfy your automation and control needs.


Whether your project is large or small, our team can accommodate by drawing on a large pool of staff across management, sales, engineering, construction, and service, with additional capacity for sub-contractors and labour hire.


Our continual growth has led to our expansion into a second location. This has increased our capacity to take on more projects. At the same time, we continue satisfy current commitments to the high standard our customers have come to expected.

skilled employees





Our Commitment

Our customers success is our success


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Our commitment is simple, but effective – we work with our customers to achieve their goals. We understand and believe that our customers’ success is our success.

As proof to our commitment to our clients, at Triple i:

  • We are a preferred contractor for suppliers
  • We are contractually responsible
  • We supply projects on budget
  • Our performance is measured by repeat business
  • We are an employer of choice, with a high retention of long-term team members

We take pride in discovering new technologies and innovations, developing programs to deliver new processes, and providing the ongoing support to ensure our clients’ projects are operating to their optimum. Knowing where to find efficiencies in large scale facilities to small pilots is the key to success.


Life Cycle Benefits

Your complete life cycle management services 


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Triple i provides the practical application of skills to all phases of your operation and is dedicated to helping you shape, support, and drive strategic business initiatives. From concept and design, to engineering and construction, commissioning and maintenance, our team is equipped to satisfy your automation and control needs.

Whether you have a new project or are seeking services for an established operation, our integrated solutions enable us to provide ‘Life Cycle Management’ services across industries.

We offer a fresh alternative that connects to the markets’ demands:

  • Minimise overheads
  • Shortens project times
  • Maintain project continuity
  • Direct user engagement

Our integrated solutions provide benefits with the goal of improving our customers’ earnings and increasing their return on investment (ROI).



Project Services

SOLUTIONS FOR EVERY PHASE by the people who know


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Triple i leads the way in delivering dynamic, innovative, and cost-effective solutions, with fit-for-purpose project services to support the needs of any project. From concepts and feasibility studies, to project management, our capabilities cover a wide range of engineering and construction activities.

Our project staff have core experience in the delivery of new and refurbished projects within the Commercial and Industrial Sectors.

We offer turnkey project services, as well as our own integrated solutions for complete customised plant and equipment setups. Our project services include, but are not limited to:

  • Document control
  • Estimating
  • Procurement
  • Project controls
  • Project management

Our services focus on transparency, collaboration, and relationships. We understand our clients want a partner they can trust to keep their projects on budget and on schedule.


Why choose Triple i as a Solutions Partner?

Equipment Certainty

Improve your overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by having the right set-up and equipment in your plant.

Gain the assurance of ongoing service and support as well.   

Technical Knowledge

Triple  i  has a large base of highly skilled experts from many disciplines with the technical abilities to meet your needs.

As part of our integrated solutions, from engineering to electrical, mechanical to services, we utilise various skills in your one application.

Industry Experience

With over 35 years’ experience in the automation and control industry, Triple  i  has tried and tested services, equipment, and support to satisfy your needs.

Our team comprises the most experienced professionals in our field.

Each member strives to provide the quality of service our reputation is built upon.

Project Scope

Triple  i  has dedicated teams across all departments with the capabilities to undertake projects both large and small, and those under ongoing contract or one-off projects. 

Industry Specialties

We provide solutions for businesses across many industries, including mining and minerals, water and wastewater, metals, energy and infrastructure, food and beverage, chemical, oil and gas, and manufacturing.

Regardless of the project, we have a solution for you.

Quality Assurance

A commitment to quality drives our operations. 

Triple  i  is accredited with ISO9001 Quality Management Systems.

The accreditation is testament to the processes, resources, assets, and cultural values that support our goal of customer satisfaction and organisational efficiency.

Quality ISO 9001 

Safety Focus

Safety is paramount at Triple I, both for our staff and our stakeholders.

Triple i is accredited with ISO 45001 for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, which acknowledges our comprehensive approach to occupational health and safety, and our continual improvement of processes.

Our clients are assured that we conduct our services under safe work practices.

We continually monitor risks and implement strategies for improvement.

Quality ISO 45001 

Optimise  Resources

We can ensure your plant and/or assets are operating at optimum performance and utilising resources efficiently.

Having the most appropriate and reliable equipment, along with continued maintenance and support, means breakdowns can be significantly reduced.

This minimises your maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) spend.

Whether it is time or money, Triple i can help you optimise resources.


We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, customers, community, and the environment, while delivering the quality services that meet or exceed our clients’ expectations.

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