Sewage Treatment Plant (stp) Tertiary Upgrade


Our teams executed the functional design, programmings such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and programmable logic controller (PLC), and commissioning for a Sydney Water tertiary STP upgrade. Examples of our services include the functionality of the new tertiary facilities as well as the integration into both existing PLC and SCADA systems.

Starting with the wiring design, installed hardware, and basic functional concepts, our team prepared detailed specifications for the final operation. The inclusion of functional design as a necessity in our projects ensures our team focuses on capturing and implementing the required and desired outcomes. In other words, we make certain your plant functions as intended.

Notably, all upgrades occurred during the complete operation of the plant. In short, no shutdowns occurred to complete the project and therefore not affect the plant’s operations. Implementation during an operation meant planning for multiple partial changes in the plant processes as required. Furthermore, we have available remote support that the mine can request when the need or required.

Overall, the STP upgrade project was a success. The project’s completion was on time, to specification, and within scope. Consequently, the project fell within budget also.


  • Update functional descriptions for operational information.
  • Generate detailed functional design documents.
  • Code the required changes and updates.
  • Conduct PLC programming and also SCADA configuration activities.
  • Implement and commission the systems.

Control systems

  • Siemens TI 505 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
  • Wonderware Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Software (SCADA).


  • Delivered new controls proving recipe and adjustable sample sequences.
  • Successful relocation of facilities with no shutdown.
  • Changeover of the system within normal operating windows, for instance, four (4) hour shutdowns and cutovers.
  • Project completed on time, to specification, and also to scope.
  • Provision of remote support for the site when required.