Status / Point Instrumentation


Status & Protection signals for position & detection applications!

In short, status and point measurement is ideal for high and low-level alerts, overfill prevention, leak detection, pump protection, and also pump control. Simply, it can indicate a full or empty state. Overall, our status and point instrumentation offer flexible options, ensuring fit-for-purpose solutions for different media applications. 

To explain, some of the more common types of point detection include:

  • Capacitive – The sensor and vessel form the two electrodes of a capacitor. Any capacitance change caused by a level change converts into a switching signal. 
  • Microwave or Radar – The microwave barrier functions like a light barrier: when the medium gets in the way of the microwave beam between the transmitter and the receiver, the signal reduces. The receiver detects the change and converts it into a switching signal.
  • Radioactive – Operates with a radioactive source that emits focussed gamma radiation. The detector picks up radiation on the opposite side of the vessel. As the medium blocks the gamma rays, the detector receives little or no radiation. The intensity changes of the incoming radiation are forwarded as signals by a relay.
  • Vibration – A rod or a fork vibrates. When the vibrating probe comes into contact with the medium, the vibration changes, and the vibrating level switch outputs a switching command.
  • and, Conductive – When the electrodes of the conductive point sensor come into contact with a conductive medium, a small alternating current begins to flow. The electronics then trigger a switching command.

Our team has access to the best brands with a wide range of status and point instrumentation, along with signals for position and detection applications.

Whether for liquid or solid media, we can identify, specify, source and also supply:

  • Sensors and Switches
  • Alarming Devices
  • Mechanical Instruments
  • Electrical Instruments



SP-PRESSURE Status and Point Instrumentation 



SP-TEMPERATURE Status and Point Instrumentation



SP-LEVEL Status and Point Instrumentation