Enhanced engineering & construction solutions designed to give your manufacturing enterprise a measurable & competitive advantage!

Competition within the manufacturing sector is at an all time high with new entrants to the industry each day. As demands grows and competition increases, differentiation through product, production and delivery innovations become imperative. Efficient and effective processes, especially those leading digital transformation provide the best measurable advantage and competitive edge!

At Triple i, we understand that to become successful within the manufacturing sector, enhancements using real-time data focusing on incremental changes work best. No longer can broad changes be enough to sustain a measurable advantage. Successful manufacturing enterprises adopt the latest automation and control processes, and leading technologies to sustain their growth and optimise performance of their operations.

With over 35 years’ experience across the manufacturing sector including in the Food and Beverage, Automotive, Resources and Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) industries, we have the capability and know-how to help you reduce costs while maintaining the high-quality outputs you have built your reputation on.



The manufacturing industry is a diversified sector with a vast range off differing speciality’s, with each facing different challenges while operating in a deeply competitive environment. At Triple I, we understand the different challenges manufacturing enterprises may deal with, regardless of their manufactured products and services.

Triple I can provide specialised personnel who have the experience and application knowledge required in manufacturing operations, especially:

  • Automation and electrical engineers for control and electrical systems, measurement, and reporting.
  • Functional safety (FS) HAZOPS, design, audits, and Electrical Equipment Hazardous Areas (EEHA).
  • Electricians for installation and maintenance.
  • Instrument technicians for correct installation and calibration of key measurement parameters.
  • Mechanical fitters to fabricate, install and maintain the various plant equipment around the site.

      Our team of experts that can aid in your processes of adding value to your products and outputs, providing a competitive advantage. Our Automation and control solutions have proven to optimise production and reduce production costs, increase quality assurance and reliability of supply, and improve operational safety.

      Food & Beverage

      Our team understand the demands and constraints of the food and beverage market. We can implement automation and control processes which not only work to industry standards and good manufacturing practices but implement strategies to optimise production output to meet production objectives and demand challenges. With fit-for-purpose automation and control solutions, we can aid your operations to meet price competition, launch innovative products and enter new markets while protecting your bottom-line.


      With an extensive team dedicated to the resource industry, including steel production, we are well versed in the external factors which place demand and influence fluctuations in the sector. Our automation and control strategies can aid in process improvement and production optimisation, reducing waste and implementing sustainable process, increase yields and minimise energy costs. Regardless of the resources, our automation and control solutions enable real-time control which allow you to maintain vital process parameter to respond to different demands as they occur, while optimising cost-per-tonne.

      Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)

      Our experienced team, with access to the latest and innovative technologies, can help with fit-for-purpose automation and control solutions that are cost-effective and reliable. With an understanding of OEM needs, we can provide solutions that meet specific requirements while providing flexibility to meet fluctuating demands. From concept and design of your project to commissioning and post service support, our engineers work with you to deliver a measurable advantage.


      Our experience in production and process efficiencies using automation and control, are used to aid Automotive manufacturing operations, including assembly and production areas, engine manufacturing, and paint and press shops. Our team is skilled in isolating sections of the production process and identify areas for optimisation, with focus on efficiencies, safety, and profitability.

      Why choose Triple i as your Solutions Partner?

      Triple i provide Manufacturers with engineering and construction solutions which are fit-for-purpose. We investigate each project and devise solutions which are best suited to resolve issues, or which address specific requirements, rather than providing a one-fits-all approach or selling what could be sold to make a profit.

      Our customer centric approach means you are appointed a dedicated site supervisor or project manager which is responsible for intercompany communication, along with the efficient delivery of project outcomes.

      Our solutions enable your plant to streamline processes and gain greater management over your processes, improving outputs and reducing risks. As a team, we can:

      Integrated Solutions Jigsaw

      Integrated Solutions

      Minimise the number of contractors and streamline processes with our Integrated Solutions for your process automation and control needs.

      Reduce Costs

      Saving time on tasks reduces your costs, particularly when it comes to breakdowns and implementing manual tasks.

      Streamline Staff Training

      We provide training and support for all new systems, equipment and processes installed. We also streamline existing training systems with the implementation of innovative training tools using interactive photography and virtual environments.

      Improve Safety & Risk Management

      Be assured your staff work safely and in compliance with current legislation. Significantly reduce any risk of harm by minimising staff time in hazardous areas.

      Safeguard Quality Assurance

      Be assured the standard of outputs is kept to a high standard with implemented control and measure procedures, along with ongoing monitoring throughout the projects processes.

      Optimise Production & Maximise Output

      Focus efforts on improving production output. Save time on tasks and maximise performance with the correct equipment, predictive maintenance schedules and extensive support.  

      Reduce Downtime

      Access to more information and predictive maintenance activities, means your operations are more reliable, reducing breakdowns.  

      Deliver 24/7 breakdown Support

      Our team can provide onsite and remote support depending on the type of breakdown or fault. With the move to IIoT technologies, remote fault resolution is being adopted leading to quicker troubleshooting techniques, shorter downtime, and reduced costs.

      Improve Asset Management

      Using our in-house asset management tool AIMS, our team is armed with the vital information needed to keep track of your assets while optimising your operations.

      Deliver Industry Expertise

      From food and beverage to resources, OEMS to Automotive, our team has the knowledge and skill to ensure our solutions suit your operations regardless of the type of processes.


      At Triple i we understand the processes undertaken in efficient manufacturing operations, and the challenges faced by a highly competitive market and fluctuating demand. Our expertise in automation and control solutions means you will have the latest technology, equipment and customised processes delivered which are fit-for-purpose.

      With the aid of digital transformation strategies, we have found new ways to increase production rates, reduce costs per outputs and maximise lifespans of plants. At the forefront of manufacturing and assembly technologies in automation and control, we can help with major physical infrastructure improvements, provide exceptional monitoring systems, and safeguard teams from hazardous environments, offering a measurable advantage.

      Our capabilities for the manufacturing industry include, but not limiting to:

      Food & Beverage
      • Food safety and handling compliance and quality management 
      • Quality management including product and ingredient batching and traceability 
      • Packaging processes include machine control upgrades, line control integration, improvements, and performance monitoring. 
      • Measuring and monitoring across various production types including beer, food, soft drink, wine, dairy, and more.  
      • System specifications and designs for processes of production and equipment. 
      • Iron and steel manufacturers 
        • Heat treatment and cooling 
        • Gas processing 
        • Slab casting and rolling 
        • Pickling with chemicals 
        • Coatings  
        • Contaminant processing 
      • Cement Manufacturing Plants
      • Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants  
      Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM)
      • Process Equipment  
      • Monitoring and Control Instrumentation 
      • Control staff augmentation 
      • Standard and non-standard controls integrations 
      • Control systems retrofits 
      • Consultation and specification  
      • Panel build 
      • Safety and Alert Systems 
      • Materials handling  
      • Packaging and despatch  
      • Emission controls and resource monitoring 
      • Assembly and production areas
      • Conveyor systems
      • Material handling control
      • Engine manufacturing
      • Paint and press shops
      • Automation of Processes
      • Data and Asset Management
      • Instrument specification and supply
      • Pre-engineered or prefabricated equipment
      Fit-for-purpose Automation & Control
      • Automation and process control engineering to enhance the safety, efficiency, and quality of operations.
      • Design, manufacturing, and installation of Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Distributed Control System (DCS) and Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) solutions.
      • Control system upgrades / migrations.
      • Industrial communication network (including wireless) design and installation.
      • Asset visualisation and optimisation solutions using the Asset Relationship and Data Integrator (ARDI) system.
      • Electrical design, manufacturing, and installation (including variable speed drives).
      • Mechanical fabrication and construction.
      Sales Solutions
      • Process instrumentation for various applications (flow, level, pressure, temperature, analysis, etc.)
      • Specification, supply, and delivery of:
      • Control system hardware, instrumentation, sensors, and actuators.
      • Automated hardware and software.
      • Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) solutions.
      • Pre-engineered / configured equipment.
      Safety Management
      • Hazardous area design / engineering including Electrical Equipment Hazardous Area (EEHA); checks and compliance audits.
      • Machine safety control system design, build, and installation.
      • Functional safety assessments / compliance audits.
      • Safety Integrity Level (SIL) assessments to IEC61508/61511, Control Systems Hazard and Operability (HAZOP/CHAZOP) studies.
      • Safety Instrumented System (SIS) lifecycle.
      • Material handling control / storage facility systems.
      Project Management
      • Complete project lifecycle benefits and support for new projects to upgrades.
      • Process improvement consultation / reviews.
      • Upgrades / shutdown management.
      • Sustainability reviews / audits.
      • Resource monitoring / waste reduction.
      • Cost reduction / margin management.
      • Quality assurance and management; product traceability / quality tracking systems.
      Service & Support
      • 24 / 7 / 365 service and support.
      • Onsite and remote support.
      • Inhouse Asset Information Management System (AIMS).
      • Preventative routine maintenance programs.
      • Instrument calibration and management.
      • Advanced technology training.


      With the latest technologies and innovations in automation and control, we can maximise output, assure quality and safeguard safety – giving you an advantage!


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