Remote Well Head Monitoring System


In summary, a local steelmaker engaged our services to undertake a project involving a gas drainage remote well head monitoring system. In doing so, we completed end-to-end project management of the new system. As such, our services included the design, procurement, installation, set-up, and also commissioning of remote monitoring and control equipment.

Most importantly, safety was a priority and an element that was essential to factor in during the design phase. As such, the project required safe and reliable remote management systems to ensure efficient and safe production. Our team conducted both hazardous area installations and compliance checks.

Notably, the project worked off a schedule of rates from a budget estimate. In doing so, the project was completed on time and within budget. In short, all cost and performance targets were met. Also, our team provides ongoing support to ensure quality, control, and safety always continue.


  • Develop electrical design and software functionality to meet both customer and application requirements.
  • Design control and also instrumentation systems to meet site conditions.
  • Develop a wireless communication network to allow access to the remote site.
  • Supply and also install fibre from the main programmable logic controller (PLC) to the plant network.
  • Rewire and retrofit existing panels with the equipment required.
  • Carry out all instrumentation tubing to valves.
  • Perform both hazardous area (HA) installation and compliance checks.
  • Integrate with the existing system on-site.
  • Perform site acceptance testing (SAT) of the system with the customer.

Control systems

  • Allen-Bradley Logix 5000 and Point input/output (I/O) over the radio with Citect supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA).
  • A wireless network including Prosoft ILX2-IHW-A and ILX34-AENWG radios.


  • New controls for remote monitoring and also control of equipment.
  • Installation completed on time and within budget.
  • Cost and performance targets were all met.
  • Changeover of system and support provided during the initial few weeks of operation.