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Our Community - Triple i
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Supporting the Community

Innovation, integration, and insight are at the heart of Triple i. Just as we evolve to meet the challenges of a diversified and also challenging marketplace, our community engagement has also changed.

Undoubtedly, both the long-term success and prosperity of the community are important. As such, our involvement in the local and wider community extends beyond that of an employer and for-profit organisation. Instead, our interest is in people, growth, and also sustainability.

Through purposeful investments, employee engagement, and also thoughtful advocacy efforts, we support both innovative partnerships and programs. Such support aligns with our strategic objectives, creates value, and, consequently, also helps build better communities.

See below how Triple i and our team, give their time, talent, and also resources within the community.

Our Community

Our Employees

Our Future

Our Community

Our Support

At Triple i, we contribute to the vibrancy of our local region and also help strengthen community spirit by sponsoring groups.

In doing so, we support groups important to our employees, clients, and also, the community.

For instance, our current involvement and also support include sponsoring a local soccer team, Project Bucephalus’s First Team 5985, and also various employee activities.

Community - Illawarra-Soccer-Team
First Team 5985 Robot - Grus
Community - Illawarra-Soccer-Team

Our Employees

Our Charities

Most significantly, our employee’s community engagement and activities amplify our investments and involvement in the community. As such, their compassionate and selfless involvement includes special events and fundraisers such as R U Ok Day, Movember, Food Bank Australia, local school fundraisers, and more. In summary, our employees create lasting change through community service projects, mentorship programs, charitable drives, and more.

RUOK? Day - Ask
Community - Movember

Our Future

Our Team

Most importantly, we are committed to helping individuals from all backgrounds to achieve their full potential. As such, we provide extensive training programs and also build career pathways to economic stability.

Furthermore, we are closing both the skills and opportunity gaps that create barriers for minorities within the automation and control industry. Our initiatives include, but are not limited to:

  • Increasing intake of female apprenticeships within our trades such as Electrical Apprenticeships;
  • Providing career opportunities for both mature-aged apprentices and trainees;
  • Improving team access to learning and also skill development;
  • Delivering training and also developing programs that ensure the next generation has both the knowledge and experience to be successful. In doing so, we provide opportunities across various industry and business roles, including Engineering Graduates and Cadetship Programs, Electrical and Mechanical Apprenticeships, and also Business Administration traineeships.

Live & work in the Illawarra


The Illawarra is our home, tucked away where the escarpment meets the sea. As such, it provides a coastal lifestyle like no other where there is something for everyone. For instance, the Illawarra has stunning beaches, a magnificent escarpment, vibrant city centres, and also your choice of both restaurants and entertainment venues.


Join Triple i, call the Illawarra home and enjoy a lifestyle change!


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