Remaining at the Forefront of Data Acquisition, Analytics, & Visualisation

Feb 20, 2023 | Careers, Engineering, Technology

As part of our technology expansion, a selection of our Engineering and Technology Graduates participated in a two-day training program. Provided by iba, the training focused on data acquisition, Historian capability, analytics, and integration into our client’s existing control systems.

Our Graduate Engineers – Aidan, Michael, and Josh – had insightful sessions about the benefits of iba’s Historian software. This training focussed on how data is acquired and saved continuously to provide control and support for clients. Readily available data is vital for industrial applications, along with highly flexible configuration options and tailored solutions for varying needs.  This is perfect for our diverse range of clients.

From Our Graduates

Our Graduate Aidan Wynn added, ”The IBA training was invaluable for understanding how to acquire and display important data. Knowing that I will rely on it in the future.”

Graduate Michael Ford described, ”iba’s Historian has a powerful and feature-rich software for data acquisition. It is easy to set something up and quickly analyse it. The free analyser simplifies this task, pushing the data to its limits. It allows you to view the data in any way possible to get the most valuable information. I am confident that our customers will benefit from this software, and I look forward to introducing it.”

Graduate Josh Garcia adds, ”iba’s Historian software offers clear benefits in managing and monitoring the complex industrial systems our clients operate. I look forward to utilising iba’s Historian software, especially the report generation feature. For example, a report can inform the next shift of any key data that may require attention for process changes. Adding graphs, indicators, or tables to this report displays otherwise difficult-to-explain data, which makes this feature my favourite.”

From Our Engineering and Technology Manager

Our Engineering and Technology Manager Jason Gundlach explains, ”The training is a part of our continued expansion into providing technology solutions for our clients. Particularly at the forefront of innovative developments in the process automation and control sector.”

The push for quick data acquisition, performance analytics and augmented reality, has provided operations with new ways to visualise operations. Real-time Process Intelligence is about delivering operational intelligence about business production as it occurs to increase equipment utilisation and capacity. Additionally, it is concerned with reducing cost and driving performance gains in quality.

At Triple i, we are always looking for better ways to meet client needs. As such, we are focusing on technology and the development of our staff to provide technology-based solutions. We cannot wait to see what is to come!

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