Solution Spotlight – Skid Assemblies

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Our Mechanical Construction team can design, construct, and deliver pre-assembled equipment, taking the stress out of upgrading or installing new plant equipment, saving you time and money. We have the skill and experience to fabricate custom modular skids or supply off the shelf solutions to meet your specific needs and process requirements.

Modular or pre-assembled skids are units designed to accommodate an entire process unit in a single base frame or skid assembly. These can come in singularly or several pieces that will be connected as one unit. Our skid assemblies can be simple designs such as a pump cart or a more complicated control panel system.

Our skid assemblies are completely built, meaning they are delivered to site fully contained, tested and ready for operation. They are an effective way to reduce risk associated with construction and implementation of equipment guaranteeing a higher standard of quality, ensuring product functionality, keeping projects on schedules, improving safety, and reducing costs.

Our services are all inclusive, beneficial to whatever lifecycle your plant and equipment are at. From design, engineering, and instrument specification, to fabrication, assembly, and delivery, we have the solutions to make sure you are up and running in no time.

At Triple i, we offer a vast range of skid packaged equipment assemblies for all kinds of projects. Skid assemblies include, but are not limited to:

  • Control panels & instrumentation
  • High-pressure systems
  • Pump and blower skid packages
  • Heat exchanger skids
  • Truck unloading skids
  • Railcar unloading skids
  • Ammonia transfer, ammonia injection & ammonia vaporisor skids
  • Power generation natural gas combined cycle process skids
  • Corrosion inhibitor skids
  • Compressor skids
  • Raw water pump station skids
  • Water treatment skids
  • Chemical process skids

Whether space or access is an issue, or time, we can ensure your equipment is assembled perfectly before delivery and installation. To get started on your project, contact the team today! Visit our website, or call us today on 1300 422 444.

About Triple i

Triple i is a one-stop-shop for all your control, data, electrical, instrument, and mechanical needs with over thirty-five (35) years of experience. We provide a range of technology-based projects, consultancy, maintenance, and support services in the industrial sector. With over seventy-five (75) skilled employees, Triple i provides the best product and services, with integrated solutions designed for client’s needs.


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