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27 May 2022

Press Release

Wollongong, NSW – As part of the Business Energy-efficient Lighting Upgrades NSW Scheme, Triple i is taking another step towards reaching its sustainability goals. Triple i has recently upgraded its lighting across both sites to more energy-efficient LED lights.

Our journey to becoming Greener began with the introduction of the first electric company vehicle into the fleet, preparation for charging stations at each location and the installation of a solar panel system at our head office.

Upgrades included 59 Glow Panel LED lights across both offices and workshops in Unanderra. Long lasting, up to 50,000 hours, and extremely energy efficient, the LEDs can save up to 82% on energy consumption compared to conventional non-LED lights.

LED lighting supports sustainability in numerous ways, this includes:

      • Low Energy Consumption – LED’s use less energy than other light types. This places less demand on the grid, reducing consumption and in turn energy costs.
      • Low Heat – LEDs are efficiently designed to produce less heat loss and as such are less of a fire hazard compared to traditional bulbs.
      • Non-Harmful Material – Unlike traditional lights, LEDs are constructed from non-harmful materials which are safe to manage and dispose of.
      • Waste Reduction – As LEDs are designed to be more durable lasting up to 20 years. This means fewer bulbs are manufactured, used, and disposed of into waste.
      • Recyclable – LEDs are manufactured using recyclable materials. Once used they can be taken to collection points, dismantled and parts recycled.

Triple i’s commitment to sustainability initiatives is focused on reducing our carbon footprint. Our strategy begins with decarbonising assets and services in addition to investing in resources that provide a low-carbon future.

For long term sustainability in an ever-growing market, we recognise the need to set the path for a more environmentally focused operation which not only aligns with our corporate values but with community expectations.

The Energy Savings Scheme by the NSW Government helps businesses and householders in NSW upgrade to energy-efficient LED lights. For more information on the scheme visit their website –

For further information, or media enquiries please contact:, or call 1300 422 444.

About Triple i

Triple i is a one-stop-shop for all your control, data, electrical, instrument, and mechanical needs with over thirty-five (35) years of experience. We provide a range of technology-based projects, consultancy, maintenance, and support services in the industrial sector. With over seventy-five (75) skilled employees, Triple i provides the best product and services, with integrated solutions designed for client’s needs.

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