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Triple i training and developing staff of the future
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Triple i training and developing staff of the future

Oct 7, 2022 | Careers

As per current trends, we expect that the current skill shortage will have a greater impact than we are experiencing now. This not only affects individual companies, such as Triple i, but also the wider community due to its ripple effect. At Triple i, we prioritise finding the right talent and developing their skills to ensure the future sustainability and success of our business.

While overall apprenticeship and traineeship continue to rise, the process industry is currently experiencing a significant skill shortage. To future-proof our workforce, we believe that developing a new generation of electricians, business administrators, and engineers is the best option. This becomes even more important with the rising workloads and the difficulty of recruiting skilled tradespersons and technical staff.

Each year, we intake apprentices, cadets, and graduates who undergo on-the-job training and development. We actively seek individuals with experience in engineering, electrical, mechanical, service, and business administration. We keep our recruits up to date with the latest technologies, processes, and skills, ensuring they are trained to succeed. In doing so, we provide them with on-the-job experience that helps them apply theoretical knowledge.

We currently employ thirteen apprentices and trainees, with more positions open for commencement in 2023. These positions will ensure that we keep up with industry demands. Specifically, we are looking to hire two Electrical Apprentices, two Mechanical (or Boilermaker) Apprentices, and one Business and Administration trainee.

As a host employer for HVTC, we grant on-the-job training and experience along with an accredited qualification. Our trainees and tradespeople benefit from rotations across our divisions, gaining experience in real-world applications that complement their training. Additionally, they receive mentoring from senior technicians, engineers, and management.

Perspectives from Trainees and Cadets

As Chelsea Kulakovski, a current Business Administration Trainee at Triple i, describes, we offer ‘the opportunity to experience a new workplace environment.’ We assist our trainees in developing the necessary skills ‘to use at work and in everyday life.’

Our Cadets and Graduates actively engage with a range of disciplines within Triple i. This involvement allows them to collaborate closely with senior staff from diverse backgrounds and fields. Currently, we have one Cadet and three Graduates specialising in Electrical Engineering. We plan to expand our talent pool with one Engineering cadet and two Graduates in 2023.

‘There is an opportunity to branch into many different areas of electrical engineering across many different industry sectors,’ explains Ben Tomkins about his experience in the four-year Graduate Electrical Engineers Program. ‘I couldn’t have asked for more.’

At Triple i, our apprentices, trainees, cadets, and graduates play a key role in our business. Therefore, we design our training and development programs to maintain our values at the highest standard, safeguarding our reputation and ensuring our continued success.

If you are interested in joining the Triple i team or know of someone who may be, contact us today! Email your resume to

For more information about our apprentice, cadets, and graduate programs, visit our website or www.triplei.comlau/careers/.

About HVTC

HVTC provides a range of customised workforce solutions to meet the changing training and workforce needs of business and industry. They assist employers in recruiting, managing, monitoring, mentoring, training, and developing apprentices, trainees, and employees to ensure they find and keep the right person for the job. Since 1981, HVTC has assisted more than 28,000 people in finding real training and employment opportunities.

About Triple i

Triple i delivers outcomes for all your control, data, electrical, instrument, and mechanical needs with over thirty-five years of experience. We supply a range of technology-based projects, consultancy, maintenance, and support services in the industrial sector. With over seventy-five skilled employees, Triple i provides the best products and services, with integrated solutions designed for clients’ needs.