Photos with the team – a Successful Morning

Feb 13, 2023 | Corporate, Event

Earlier this month, Triple i orchestrated a successful team morning, marked by a delightful BBQ breakfast and an extensive companywide photos session. This event served as a catalyst for fostering team spirit and provided a prominent platform to display the continuous growth of our team while introducing new members from various departments.

A fun morning for all

We initiated the day with a cohesive group photo, seamlessly transitioning into capturing department-specific and team-centric shots. The enthusiastic participation of teams representing Engineering and Technology, Electrical Construction, Mechanical Construction, Service and Support, Sales, Admin, and Operational Support vividly emphasised the inclusive nature of our company culture.

Beyond its visual appeal, the morning proved to be a valuable networking opportunity for our incoming apprentices, cadets, and graduates. This setting allowed them to interact organically across offices and departments, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas. The expanding cohort of trainees not only mingled but also gained invaluable insights into the broader Triple i culture, enriching their understanding of the company’s intricate dynamics.

Our Photographer

The indispensable role played by our skilled photographer, Linda Faiers, cannot be overstated. With finesse, she managed our occasionally unruly group, expertly capturing candid shots that celebrated the genuine essence of our teams in their natural work environment.

These meticulously crafted photos, highlighting the revamped Triple i branding and strategic direction, transcend mere visual records. They embody a visual testament to our current corporate identity, poised to become not just mementos but integral assets strategically embedded within our marketing materials.

The seamless orchestration of this team morning resonates with Triple i’s commitment to a collaborative and cohesive work environment. The interdepartmental camaraderie fostered during the morning activities further strengthens our collective dedication to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients.

As we anticipate the unveiling of these captivating snapshots on our website,, we invite you to not only witness but actively engage with the essence of Triple i’s vibrant and dynamic corporate culture. These images, meticulously curated and strategically embedded in our marketing materials, will not only reflect our current identity but also serve as a visual narrative of the evolving journey and future aspirations of Triple i.

About Triple i

Triple i deliver outcomes for all your control, data, electrical, instrument, and mechanical needs with over thirty-five years of experience. We supply a range of technology-based projects, consultancy, maintenance, and support services in the industrial sector. With over seventy-five skilled employees, Triple i provides the best product and services, with integrated solutions designed for clients’ needs.