Solution Spotlight – Power Distribution

Is your plant struggling with power becoming more complex to manage? Are your current power sources more susceptible to disruption? Do you need help with sustaining reliable and clean power? At Triple i, we understand that clean uninterrupted secure power is essential to the reliability of plant performance.

Our range of power distribution solutions are fit-for-purpose and, as such, customised to meet your specific needs. From protection and conditioning to control circuit transformers and monitoring, our team ensures your plant runs as expected.

Our team’s expertise and experience across different operations are invaluable and ensure operations benefit from outcomes. Most significantly, we have proven to enhance equipment efficiency and productivity, overall projected lifetime, lower costs, and improve return on investment.


Our solutions make sure an operations power flow is only interrupted when required. To summarise, we deliver protection applications that ensure minimised outage time, including:

  • Motor protection
  • Distribution system protection
  • Control system equipment protection – fused or circuit breakers
  • Design, supply, and specification of surge and lightning protection systems.
  • Distributed controls protection systems feedback to facilitate rapid response to fault finding.
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Our team is skilled in improving power factor correction (PFC). In short, PFC reduces your consumption, protects your cables, and provides savings when installing your systems.

We specify and install uninterpretable power supplies that ensure your power is at its best when the correct type is designed and installed. Implementing the right technology using offline or online models and safeguarding the bump-less transfer is available. In addition, battery style and type also impact your plant and reliability.


Overall, our power supply solutions are designed to ensure reliability and dependability for operations. We specialise in providing the correct supply for your control system applications – the perfect type and size to meet demands. Including:

  • AC to DC and DC to DC
  • Switch mode
  • Redundancy and changeover systems
  • Battery backup and charging

Boost your power distribution system with expert solutions. Contact us today! Email or call 1300 422 444.

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