Solution Spotlight – Hazardous Areas

Identifying and managing Hazardous Areas is crucial for a safe working environment. This includes stakeholders like personnel, contractors, suppliers, and visitors. Safety is paramount for effective and efficient operations at all times.

At Triple i, our team comprises independent accredited electricians and engineers. Their knowledge and experience ensure the safety of your plant and personnel in hazardous electrical and high-risk environments.

As Hazardous Area Compliance Specialists, our team excels in the installation, maintenance, inspections, and breakdowns of explosive-protection equipment. We emphasise practical reviews and audits to enhance safety measures.

Our Electricians and Engineers hold certifications in Hazard Areas Awareness (HAA) and Electrical Equipment in Hazardous Areas (EEHA). They are proficient in installing, inspecting, rectifying, assessing compliance, and commissioning on-site and off-site systems. This is for both greenfield and brownfield projects.

Most importantly, we adhere to International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 60079, AS/NZS 60079, and AS/NZ 3000 standards. As such, we boast experience working internationally on IECEx and ATEX-certified equipment.

Our EEHA services encompass Hazardous Area program management, including design, implementation, and maintenance. We specialise in the classification and design of Hazardous Areas, site inspections, detailed compliance audits, and inspections. We also manage verification dossier development and management.

In addition, our compliance engineering services include:

    • Intrinsic Safety Calculations,
    • Heat Dissipation Calculations,
    • Conformity Assessments,
    • Documentation,
    • Fit-for-purpose Reviews,
    • Statements,
    • Hazardous Area Maintenance,
    • Technical Information.

For more information on our comprehensive EEHA services or to book a consultation for your project, contact us today! Your safety is our priority. Visit our website at

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