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Precision signals for optimal control & safety!

Unlock precise control and safety with our cutting-edge status and point instrumentation, designed to deliver high and low-level alerts, overfill prevention, leak detection, pump protection, and seamless pump control. Our versatile instruments offer reliable full or empty-state indications and adaptable solutions for diverse media applications.

Key Detection Technologies:

  • Capacitive Sensors: Detect level changes through capacitance variations, converting them into swift switching signals.
  • Microwave/Radar Sensors: Use microwave beams to sense material presence, triggering signals when the beam is interrupted.
  • Radioactive Sensors: Employ gamma radiation to detect media, with changes in radiation intensity converted to switching signals.
  • Vibration Sensors: Utilise vibrating rods or forks, generating switching commands upon media contact.
  • Conductive Sensors: Activate when conductive media bridges electrodes, initiating a switching response through a small current flow.

Comprehensive Solutions for Every Need

With access to top-tier brands, we provide a broad range of status and point instrumentation, including sensors, switches, alarms, and both mechanical and electrical instruments. Our offerings cover pressure, temperature, level, and flow across liquid and solid media.

Trust us to identify, specify, source, and supply the ideal instruments for your application, ensuring precise control and unmatched reliability.