Power Distribution

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Power Protection

  • Motor Protection: Shield motors from overloads and electrical faults.
  • Distribution System Protection: Ensure the integrity of your power distribution network.
  • Control System Equipment Protection: Secure control systems with fused or circuit breaker options.
  • Surge and Lightning Protection: Custom-designed systems to defend against spikes and surges.
  • Rapid Fault Response Systems: Distributed controls that provide quick feedback for swift fault resolution.
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Clean Power

  • Power Factor Correction: Optimise power consumption, protect cables, and save on system installations.
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS): Maintain consistent, high-quality power with expertly designed UPS systems.
  • UPS Technology: Choose between Offline and Online models to match your needs and ensure seamless power transfer.
  • Battery Selection: Select the right battery type and style to enhance plant reliability and efficiency.
  • Bumpless Transfer: Ensure smooth and uninterrupted power during transitions for maximum operational stability.
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Power Supplies

  • AC to DC Converters: Efficiently transform AC power to DC for your control systems.
  • DC to DC Converters: Ensure precise voltage and current levels for all your DC applications.
  • Switch Mode Power Supplies: Achieve high efficiency and reliability with our advanced switch mode options.
  • Redundancy and Changeover Systems: Guarantee continuous power with automatic redundancy and seamless changeover.
  • Battery Backup and Charging: Maintain power with robust backup systems and efficient charging solutions.

Keep Your Plant Running with Reliable, Secure Power

At the heart of any efficient operation is clean, uninterrupted power. We provide tailored power distribution solutions that keep your plant running smoothly, no matter the requirements.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Power Protection and Conditioning: Safeguard your equipment against power disturbances.
  • Control Circuit Transformers: Ensure stable power for control systems.
  • Power Supplies: Reliable sources for all your electrical needs.
  • Power Monitoring: Keep an eye on your power usage and system health.

Why Choose Us? Our products not only boost equipment efficiency and extend its lifespan but also lower costs and maximise your return on investment.

Discover the power solutions that keep your plant at peak performance.

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