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People, Process, Equipment & Technology - Triple i
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People, Process, Equipment & Technology

The INTEGRATION OF all KEY FUNCTIONAL areas of business OPERATIONS, fundamentally CHANGING

What is PPET?

People, Process, Equipment, and Technology (PPET) is a framework that examines the relationships and integrations between the four fundamental operational elements. It explores how they contribute to organisational change, efficiency, and heightened performance.

Human resources, business processes, reliable equipment, and information software technology are all essential to the success of any business operation and organisation. Successful organisations balance the four elements, keeping the ties between them firm and collaborative to avoid siloes. This paradigm is commonly used when making decisions about acquiring or implementing new hardware equipment and software technology.

Triple i & PPET

As a trusted partner of choice with strong working relationships, Triple i are specialists in integrating processes, services, equipment, and software solutions that deliver long-term client value.

Triple i offers a unique “shop floor to top floor” value proposition approach covering all levels of the ISA-95 framework. ISA-95 incorporates the layers model of technology, equipment, and business process for operations as levels for the standard.

These levels are: 

  • Level 0 – Defines the actual physical processes. 
  • Level 1 – Defines the activities involved in sensing and manipulating the physical processes. 
  • Level 2 – Defines the activities of monitoring and controlling the physical processes. 
  • Level 3 – Defines the activities of workflow to produce the desired end products. 
  • Level 4 – Defines the business-related activities needed to manage a manufacturing operation. 

Notably, our promise to you is simple yet powerful across these four key elements, including:


    Firstly, when we talk about people, we’re referring to the capable and skilled workforce at the company’s disposal. We deliver subject matter experts and specialist services bundled into teams that are packaged to enhance your workforce and help deliver and fulfill your scope, requirements, and desired outcomes. For instance:

    • Electrical and Mechanical Construction
    • Engineering and Electrical
    • Engineering and Electrical and Mechanical and Service
    • Engineered OT/IT Technical Solutions



    Secondly, when something gets processed, it means that a series of processes has been taken to achieve a specific objective or outcome. The “how” is defined by the process in the PPET. How do we plan to get there? How can we best use our resources, people, and tools when faced with a business challenge? Simply put, processes are a series of steps that can be carried out repeatedly with the same expected outcome each time. Key capabilities are provided with a holistic view which results in delivering business-critical outputs, for example:

    • Production Improvement
    • Improved Safety Management
    • Lower Costs
    • Reduced complexity


    Thirdly, the equipment can put the processes into action because of the design and capability made available in addressing a function. Equipment modernisation can significantly provide the pieces or steps of the process that can be automated. It’s easy to get captivated by advanced equipment. However, businesses need to make sure the four elements described here including the chosen equipment work for them and address their needs. We can scope and provide specialised or tailored hardware equipment solutions that meet your operational needs.


    Finally, it’s the wrapper and intelligence of the software technology solution that brings and delivers all the elements into collective productive actions and outcomes-based solutions that underpin your value-chain because of the software tools made available by technological advancements. Some steps of the process can and will likely be automated with its help as well. Software Technology that is both innovative and rapid has, ideally, the greatest business value impact in the delivery of the desired outcomes. It’s easy to get captivated by unproven advanced software and equipment. However, businesses need to make sure the overall technology solution works for them and can deliver their strategic imperatives.  We provide a single point of contact which allows for:

    • Clear communication and transparency
    • Good governance; and
    • Complete value-chain tailored and flexible solutions that meet your operational needs and expectations

    Most importantly, why Triple i? We deliver on agreed effective outcomes to ensure you gain an advantage and long-term value!

    Contact the Triple i Team to schedule an introductory conversation and Discovery Workshop, and together let us identify and effect positive change, efficiency, and heightened performance.