Operational Intelligence: Delivering a Competitive Advantage

There is a basic business principle that says if you do the same as you have been doing, you should expect the same results. So, the challenge is what do you need to change to deliver improved production outcomes?  

When you are standing at the start of the journey, and it is a journey, there are a variety of paths, with different approaches, each offering mostly unknown outcomes aimed at a variation of results.  

You need a crystal ball.  

The next best thing is a flexible and structured approach to provide clear insight into the opportunities you must achieve your objectives of improved operational and process performance. You need visibility and a common understanding of how, when and where the process is underachieving now.  

The methodology you use needs to facilitate identifying objectives, values, and metrics during implementation.  

You need first to increase your operational intelligence. Later you will use this newly acquired knowledge to effectively transition to better process outcomes. 

Competitive Advantages of Using Operational Intelligence 

For a manufacturing process, key benefits of gaining this intelligence include: 

  1. Data-Driven Decision-Making – Real-time data analytics ensures decision-making is backed by trusted information. This enhances the precision of tactical choices and investment. 
  2. Faster Response to Market – Real-time insights facilitate improved utilisation and faster production cycles. They also improve the ability to adapt and respond quickly to market changes. 
  3. Sustainable Growth and Scalability – The efficient resource allocation and cost savings achieved through Operation Intelligence pave the way for cost savings and sustainable growth.  
  4. Customer-Centric Approach – Operational Intelligence helps businesses align their operations with customer needs and preferences. On-time and on-specification delivery results in higher customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. 
  5. Stakeholder Engagement – By improving understanding and providing valued involvement in the objectives, operational staff share in the company objectives.  

The transformative power of real-time insights, predictive analysis, and efficient resource allocation offers a compelling case for its adoption. Industries that embrace operational performance are poised to unlock significant competitive advantages, driving growth, efficiency, and customer satisfaction in the dynamic world of industrial processes.  

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Gary Harding
Managing Director