Network & Communications

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Security & Infrastructure

  • Chassis-based Communication Modules: Modular components for seamless integration and communication within a centralised chassis system.
  • DeviceNet Networks: Reliable network solutions for robust device-level communication and control.
  • EtherNet/IP Networks: High-speed Ethernet solutions for efficient industrial communication and data exchange.
  • Gateway & Linking Devices: Devices that bridge and translate between different network protocols for smooth interoperability.
  • IO-Link Technology: Smart sensor and actuator communication technology for enhanced device-level data and control.
  • Fiber Networks: High-performance fiber optic solutions for secure and high-speed data transmission over long distances.
  • Other Industrial Networks: Support for various industrial network protocols to meet specific communication needs.
  • Process Instrumentation Networks: Dedicated networks for precise and reliable communication between process instrumentation devices.
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Gateways, Routers & RTUs

  • Gateways & Routers: Seamlessly bridge different network protocols and ensure reliable data flow and communication across your systems.
  • Cellular Remote Terminal Units (RTUs): Utilise cellular technology for real-time remote access and control of field devices, enhancing connectivity and operational efficiency.
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    Communication Converters

  • Protocol Converters: Translate and integrate diverse communication protocols to ensure compatibility across different systems.
  • Media Converters: Convert between different types of media, such as fiber optics and copper, to extend network reach and enhance data transmission.
  • Serial Converters: Bridge the gap between serial communication and modern networks, maintaining effective connectivity for legacy systems.
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    Connection Devices

  • I/O Wiring & Conversion Systems: Streamline input/output wiring and signal conversion for seamless integration and improved system performance.
  • Cord Sets & Field-Attachable Connectors: Reliable and adaptable cord sets and connectors for quick and secure field installations.
  • Network Media: High-quality cables and media designed to ensure robust and efficient network communication.
  • Power Media: Solutions for safe and efficient power transmission across your systems.
  • Safety Connection Systems: Specialised systems to maintain safe and compliant connections in hazardous or demanding environments.
  • Terminal Blocks: Modular and user-friendly blocks for orderly and reliable termination of wires and cables.
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    Secure & Efficient Network & Communication Solutions!

    Seamless Integration for Your Automation Needs

    At Triple i, we provide robust network and communication solutions that seamlessly connect your automation products to your enterprise. Our expertise ensures secure, real-time access to critical data, vital for safe and productive plant operations.

    Comprehensive Services

    We offer end-to-end services including:

    • Designing the optimal network architecture
    • Installing both wired and wireless systems
    • Commissioning for smooth, hassle-free integration
    Cutting-Edge Connectivity

    Our range includes a variety of devices, communication interfaces, and physical media to maximise the performance of your control systems. We ensure that data flows smoothly and securely across your network.

    Your Trusted Partner

    With our deep technical knowledge and industry experience, we deliver solutions that are not only effective today but also future-proof, supporting long-term business sustainability. We work with leading vendors and support systems like DeviceNet, ControlNet, Profibus/Net, Ethernet/IP, and Modbus. If your system isn’t listed, reach out to us for tailored assistance.

    Future-Ready Solutions

    Partner with Triple i to enhance your network and communications infrastructure, ensuring it’s resilient and ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Contact us today to elevate your operations with our expert services and innovative technology.

    Network and Communications from field to ERP