Mechanical Fitters – a role in demand

Oct 30, 2023 | Careers, Mechanical

Mechanical fitters have been in high demand for several years, and the pressure for more skilled professionals in this field is expected to grow across various industries. Additionally, they play a crucial role in keeping industrial plants running smoothly by maintaining, repairing, and overhauling machinery and equipment, ensuring not only immediate functionality but also promising long-term prospects.

In summary, mechanical fitters fit and assemble metal parts to fabricate production machines and other essential equipment. They employ various tools and advanced engineering techniques to maintain and repair plant machinery and equipment, adhering to strict operational standards. In short, the essential skills of a mechanical fitter encompass a combination of:

  • Mechanical aptitude and practical ability.
  • Thoroughness and initiative.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to read and interpret work instructions.
  • Ability to work effectively individually and in a team.
Roles and Specialisations

Mechanical fitting encompasses different roles, including:

  • Fitting and turning, involving constructing, fitting, and assembling equipment components, utilizing hand tools and machines to produce precision metal pieces.
  • Pipefitting, which involves attaching pipes to fixtures, walls, and structures such as radiators or tanks. Mechanical fitters in this role use brackets, welding tools, and clamps to expertly fit the lines.
  • Maintenance fitting focuses on equipment upkeep and involves locating defective and worn parts that require replacement or modifications. In this role, mechanical fitters use measuring instruments to identify components that fit seamlessly and replace worn-out parts.

Mechanical fitters can specialise in roles such as diesel fitter-mechanic, fitter-machinist, fitter-mechanic, maintenance fitter, mechanic, or plant mechanic.

Being a mechanical fitter is both challenging and rewarding, often involving a demanding routine that centres around physical exertion and technical skill. This role demands not only strength and physical labour but also the intellectual capacity to design and interpret intricate plans.

At Triple i, our proficient team of mechanical fitters and fabricators adeptly handles both small and large projects. Significantly, their technical expertise in assembling complex equipment stands at the core of our mechanical construction department’s success.

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