LV & CPR Inhouse Training Days 2023

Jun 23, 2023 | Corporate

At Triple i, we recently held successful in-house training days focusing on low-voltage (LV) rescue training and CPR. The sessions were attended by employees from various departments, emphasising its importance across the company.

LV rescue training and CPR skills are essential for any workplace, especially for on-site workers. Accidents can happen any time and knowing to respond quickly and effectively can be lifesaving. In-house training provides employees with the specific knowledge needed to handle emergencies on-site.


Employees learned the latest techniques and best practices in low-voltage rescue training and CPR. This training ensures their safety and equips them with valuable skills that extend beyond the workplace.

In-house training is tailored to our needs, focusing on areas relevant to our work. The training ensures a deep understanding of low-voltage rescue training and CPR among all participants, enhancing our ability to manage emergencies effectively.

In-house training also fosters community and collaboration within our work environment. To summarise, bringing everyone together allows for sharing ideas and experiences, creating a valuable learning environment.

It is important to remember the ongoing training requirements as staying updated with the latest practices and techniques is crucial for continuous improvement. The benefit is that it enhances individual skills while contributing to overall workplace safety and efficiency.

Additionally, ensuring the proper certification and training of colleagues and contractors is essential. Checking and verifying their qualifications promotes a safe and compliant working environment.

Furthermore, investing in in-house training and addressing ongoing training needs equips our team with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed. Most significantly, not only strengthens our workforce but also creates a safer and more cohesive company capable of overcoming future challenges.

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