Kicking goals, Triple i Sponsor Local Illawarra Soccer Team

Mar 15, 2023 | Corporate

In our efforts to engage with the community, we recently partnered with a local indoor soccer team from one of our clients. At Triple i, we enthusiastically embrace the opportunity to give back and support the residents of the local Illawarra region.

We proudly supplied the team with new soccer uniforms, presenting them with a united front and expressing our support. We were thrilled to receive the first official image of the team wearing their new shirts. With our new sponsorship, the team now goes by the name ‘Triple i Team.’

As the image reveals, the shirts feature a black base with eye-catching fluro green accents. The distinctive design ensures that the team will stand out on the field, amplifying our shared pride.

The team currently progresses through their season, and we eagerly anticipate closely following their journey and witnessing their performance in the upcoming matches. We hope they achieve remarkable success – go, Triple i Team, kick some goals!

Community Commitment: Fostering Mutual Growth Through Support and Engagement

At the core of our values lies a commitment to actively support and give back to the community. We believe in the interdependence between businesses and their local communities. As we grow, we acknowledge the essential role our community plays in our success. It’s not just about transactions; it involves building meaningful connections and reciprocating the support we’ve received.

Actively sponsoring the Triple i Team exemplifies our commitment to contributing actively. We view community support as a shared journey, where success is intertwined with the well-being of the other. Through such collaborations, we aim to create a cycle of mutual benefit, ensuring that our growth aligns harmoniously with the prosperity of the local community.

About Triple i

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