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Unanderra, NSW – With 14,014 serious workplace injuries within the manufacturing sector over 2019-2020*, machinery safety is an important focus when maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring your safety compliance responsibilities. At Triple i, our smart safety products and machine safety solutions integrate into new or existing processes to help you enhance safety and improve productivity.

Operational precautions play a vital role in ensuring the safe use of machinery. Hazards are identified and removed using signals and signage, along with physical guarding and protecting installations. The addition to machinery safety systems which utilise switches, sensors, and safety devices to monitor machinery use is another means to mitigate risks and ensure long-term safety of the workplace.

Our Integrated Solution team can aid in specifying safety hardware and instrument components that can be integrated into machinery and processes to help ensure the health and safety of your employees. Our range of machine safety solutions includes, but not limited to:

  • Machine Guarding
  • Safety Mats, Edges & Bumpers
  • Safety door & Interlock Switches
  • Emergency Stop Buttons & Ropes
  • Foot Switches
  • Non-contact Safety Switches
  • Safety Controllers, Relays & Modules
  • Grab Wire Switches
  • Safety Light Barriers – light curtains & laser Scanners
  • Two hand & Enabling Switches
  • Lockout Equipment
  • Indicator Lights & Alarms

We not only have a wide range of machine safety hardware and components, including guards, safety-stop switches and alarms, but also provide complete safety assessments and compliance audits. With safe automation and control processes at the core of our business, our personnel hold qualifications in Functional Safety Engineering, including TÜV Functional Safety Engineer (TÜV Rheinland) allowing us to engage in various stages of the functional safety design, maintenance, and operations lifecycle.

Machines help improve production efficiency in the workplace, however moving parts, sharp edges and hot surfaces can cause serious workplace injuries. Talk to one of our team members to discuss how you can build in safeguards, emergency stops and monitoring systems to ensure your workplace is safe.  Improve productivity and enhance safety with our smart safety products.

For further information, or media enquiries please contact:, or call 1300 422 444.

About Triple i

Triple i is a one-stop-shop for all your control, data, electrical, instrument, and mechanical needs with over thirty-five (35) years of experience. We provide a range of technology-based projects, consultancy, maintenance, and support services in the industrial sector. With over seventy-five (75) skilled employees, Triple i provides the best product and services, with integrated solutions designed for client’s needs.


*Key work health and safety statistics, Australia 2021 | Safe Work Australia

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