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Insight is our way of sharing valuable information about our capabilities and what we can do to meet our client’s needs. Specifically, this insight includes projects and case studies showing our deliverable outcomes, and also the industries we serve.


Delivering outcomes & insight with maximum value

Overall, our projects, as outlined below, illustrate our capabilities and examples of the types of projects we undertake. As such, our projects showcase our engineering, electrical and mechanical construction, and also technical expertise across various industries.

Our services, whether singularly or integrated as a complete solutions package, are customised to our client’s needs and designed with specific objectives to be achieved. As such, we deliver outcomes with maximum value for our clients’ budgets, resources, and also assets.


Wireless Monitoring Network Upgrade for Instrument Air Compressors


Our team completed the preliminary investigation, recommendations, design, procurement, installation, configuration, and commissioning of an ISA100 field wireless device network. As such, the project included three large air compressors, two instrument air dryers, and also A & B instrument air flow transmitters.


Metal Coating Line Burner Management Safety Controls


During the project, two metal coatings line installations occurred within overseas locations. In brief, activities focused on investigating the existing systems for compliance and also designing new processes to meet requirements and standards.


Boiler Laboratory Analysers Upgrade


In short, a local steelmaker engaged our services to evaluate and refurbish an existing laboratory that samples and tests the boiler feed and cooling water requirements at their energy services plant.


Steelmaking Water Treatment Plant Automation Upgrade


In summary, a major steelmaking client engaged our services to fully automate their basic oxygen steelmaking (BOS) water treatment plant to reduce risks and, in particular, improve consistency during processes.


Gas Drainage Remote Well Head Monitoring System


Overall, we completed the design, procurement, installation, setup, and also commissioning of remote monitoring and control equipment. In doing so, the project performed on a schedule of rates based on a budget estimate.


Mine Winder Electrical and Controls Upgrade


In brief, our team completed the electrical and controls installation upgrade of the Men and Materials Winder at a lead and zinc mine.


Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) Tertiary Upgrade


To summarise, we carried out the functional design, SCADA/PLC programming, and also commissioning of the tertiary process for a sewage treatment plant upgrade which is part of the Sydney Water network.


Blast Furnace Reline


Our team conducted the installation of several vital monitoring, electrical, and also instrument systems for the project. Notably, management of the contracts within the complex working environment was a factor in its success.



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We deliver outcomes with industry experience you can trust!


In brief, every industry is different in how it operates and also what it needs to be efficient. As such, specific and diverse processes, obstacles, and requirements, must be considered for each industry. In other words, a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach is often not the best strategy for delivering the desired and appropriate outcomes.

Most importantly, we understand every industry has different demands and that, in particular, each organisation within diverse industries has differing needs. As a team, we understand your unique challenges and specific demands regardless of the industry. For this reason, our customer-centric approach combined with our integrated solutions, makes us a preferred solutions partner. 

Our team of broad talent means we have a wide variety of industry experience and expertise to get the outcomes wanted. As such, we apply our in-depth industry knowledge and insight to ensure you meet objectives and gain the full potential from your investment.


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