Get the most from your Energy Audits & Sustainability Reviews

Oct 21, 2022 | Electrical, Engineering

With custom frameworks, audits provide value outlining potential energy-saving activities, however due to their open scale it is essential to understand your specific needs before engaging. At Triple i, we have devised four tips to help you get the most from your energy audit and sustainability reviews.

Energy audits and sustainability reviews are the first step in creating energy-efficient process control systems and an overall sustainable business model. By assessing usage levels, analysing current procedures and systems, and identifying opportunities for improvement, vital insights are obtained. These insights enable better decision making, helping to deliver on immediate and long-term energy and financial savings.

Overall, an energy and sustainability audit provide you value as it can:

  • Evaluate your businesses energy use and sustainability score.
  • Prove where energy and other resources are being wasted.
  • Identify areas for specific improvements.
  • Estimate costs and potential savings.
  • Help with better understanding of energy and operational costs.
  • Construct energy efficiency projects.

Get the most from your energy audit and sustainability review with the below four tips.

Tip #1: Define Scope & Objectives

Firstly, do you require a preliminary (walk-through), diagnostic (detailed) or precision sub-system (target) audit? Identify what you are auditing, determine required outcomes and set objectives accordingly. These will ensure the audit is focused on specific needs, keeps within budget, and will reduce delays from unnecessary inclusions.

Tip #2: Identify Resources

Secondly, decide who will conduct the audit and define specific roles from the start. Determine whether to engage an external energy professional, or to conduct in-house using internal expertise. An outsourced professional will best understand the details of what to audit and how, utilising industry experience and best practice.

Tip #3: Use Technology

Thirdly, take advantage of the benefits of the latest energy platforms and software, along with IIOT devices, for data collecting, analysis and reporting. Save time and money while also guaranteeing the accuracy and quality of data. Ensure plant and equipment are using relevant automation and process control technologies which allow for real-time data to be accessed and monitored.

Tip #4: Set a Schedule

Lastly, plan and set dates for key milestones to make sure the audit is completed on-time. Being prepared will ensure there is enough time to develop and implement processes, test, and re-test results, and time is set aside for troubleshooting issues. Again, this will save time and money, while also assuring accuracy of information.

At Triple i, our Electrical Construction Team provide a full suite of services when it comes to conducting energy audits and sustainability reviews. We have experience helping clients across multiple industries become more energy efficient and practice improved sustainable operations. We build customised enegrgy audits to needs and provide benchmarks to measure against, while implementing ongoing energy conservation measures and  monitoring services.

For more information on our Energy Management Solutions contact our Electrical Constructions Team today. Visit our website at or call 1300 422 444.

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