Don’t hold back on Scheduled Shutdowns

Most operations require continuity to ensure you meet goals and achieve desired outcomes. Continuity includes equipment operations, processes, systems, and the overall business. Managing and preventing equipment downtime is essential to avoiding financial and opportunity losses caused by breakdowns and outages. In short, an unexpected solution is scheduled shutdowns. 

The nature of unexpected shutdowns, in particular, breakdowns or outages, is that they have a flow-on effect and impact other areas of your process plant or equipment. In other words, not only would one section of your plant be stopped for repair, but the whole system will be at a standstill until a resolution – costing you time and money. 

To avoid unplanned downtime or to minimise the impact, a solution is to schedule planned shutdowns as part of your preventative maintenance strategy. Overall, such strategies include:

  • Review work orders and schedules based on priorities with inclusions for planned outages and shutdowns between vital production or process milestones. 
  • Device and implement preventative maintenance activities, including routine service and maintenance tasks, review of equipment performance, and schedule upgrades. 
  • and, Determine labour and material availability in case of a breakdown to lessen time lost.
Long-term Value

While this solution may seem counterintuitive, an initiative-taking approach to managing maintenance and outages through scheduled shutdowns has immediate and long-term value. Helpful at both an operations and business level, planned shutdowns provide the opportunity to:

  • Improve the condition of equipment and systems, reducing the risk of breakdowns.
  • Optimise downtime by servicing and repairing multiple equipment or sections at once. 
  • Prepare for required resources, including parts, materials, and labour. 
  • Undertake upgrades and future-proof processes to ensure you are ahead of the competition.
  • Test and validate new equipment, systems, processes, and procedures in a less pressure-induced environment. 
  • Gain more control over processes, allowing for attention to be focused on other needs.
  • and, Reduce costs as fewer breakdowns result in fewer resources and production losses.

At Triple i, our Mechanical Construction Team are specialist in onsite and mobile shutdowns. With experience supporting clients across various industries, they have the knowledge to tackle scheduled shutdown jobs regardless of scope, size, and time limit. To summarise, our shutdown support crew consists of team leaders, mechanics, fitters, welders, and more. Overall, we offer extensive pre-shutdown inspections and planning with overall shutdown management, including equipment and labour supply.

Don’t hold back on scheduling shutdowns for your plant! For more information, visit our website at or call 1300 422 444.

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